The Hallock Co-op Elevator has been serving the area communities since 1912.  We provide efficient truck unloading, fast turnaround on settlements, and competitive cash prices to patrons.  11/02/20 3:05:29 PM

The Hallock Co-op Elevator has been serving the community of Hallock and the surrounding areas for nearly 100 years.  We're a progressive business committed to serving our members.  We use the most current marketing techniques and as a result are able to serve our members as well as anyone.  Feel free to call us with any questions and we'll be happy to assist you in any way possible; whether that be a marketing plan to eliminate some risk from your operation or just general marketing questions, we're here to help.  Our hours are 7:30-5:00 Monday through Friday.  Our main office telephone number is 218-843-2624 and you can reach David anytime at 701-789-9405.  We'd like to thank everyone for their patronage and wish everyone the best of luck in their farming operations.

Contract types available include:

  • Cash; futures +/- basis
  • Hedge-to-Arrive; producer sells futures and leaves basis open.  Ideal for September wheat in the event that the carry from September to December widens and provides an opportunity for farmer to capture market spread.  Also, in the event of steep protein discounts off the combine or wet grain, the farmer can roll out to a deferred month and condition their grain or hope for the marketplace to adjust protein discounts.
  • Basis Fixed; producer fixes basis and leaves futures open.  Normally, the producer must price or roll the basis contract by the third Friday of the previous contract month (December wheat, futures price by third Friday of November).  We can fix basis off of any month.  A lot of times, producers run out of space on their farms and are forced to deliver some grain (which can be a good problem to have).  If the price isn't where the farmer needs or wants it to be, we make a basis adjustment based on the spread from the nearby contract month to the deferred month of the producers choice.
  • Minimum Price; this type of contract involves the purchase of a call option.  We take the nearby cash price, buy a call option of the producers choice on their behalf; we deduct the cost of the call from the cash price giving us a floor.  If the market takes off, the call option becomes more valuable giving us the ability to sell that option for more than we paid for it.  The added value of the sale is added to your contract.

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